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UntitledHi there! My name is Sumeeth Evans and I work as the VP of IT for a SMB based out of Carmel, IN. I live in Fishers, IN with my wife and two kids. I love reading about technology and working with it. I started this blog to share some experiences, but mainly as a repository to help me document things while I implement them. I love everything technology.

As the VP of IT I get to deploy, plan, sell and implement a lot of technologies. Since we are a fully Microsoft centric IT department, I tend to use a lot of Microsoft products day in and day out. I am also the President of a user group in the Indianapolis area called IWUG ( I am also the lead newsposter at I am also part of the Springboard Series Technical Experts Panel (STEP).

Over the past few years, I have been featured in a few news articles and case studies around the web. I will link them here.

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