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Catch the Launch of Windows 8 and Click in with Surface

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Tune in Thursday, October 25, at 11:15 am EDT while we broadcast live from New York City and launch Windows 8.

Catch the Launch of Windows 8











Join us virtually tomorrow for a special Surface webcast where you can learn more about Microsoft Surface and how to purchase.

Click In.

Windows 8 Launch. NYC

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I am here in NYC along with my friend Steven Bink. We walked around Times Square yesterday and saw a few Windows 8 launch related items. I will be updating this post as we go through the launch activities as well.

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20121025-094439.jpg Waiting in line to check in.

20121025-094752.jpg Steven Sinofsky hanging out in line with us.


20121025-102709.jpg Got our passes. Now for the good stuff


20121025-110129.jpg Seated. Waiting for the launch to begin in 12mins. Look for the webcast link in the other blog post on top.

20121025-112416.jpgSteven Sinofsky keynote at Windows 8 launch for press.

Julie and Mike showing off Windows 8 hardware.


20121025-115814.jpg Steve Ballmer on stage.



20121025-131844.jpg Checking out the surface event. Only RED badges allowed.